Travel in Iran: Iran Cinema MuseumIran Cinema Museum


Last Christmas, I went to Iran for a winter trip. It was a fun experience that the country is conservative yet avant-garde in some ways. For people like me who live really far from Iran and who wouldn’t receive much (neutral) information about the country in their daily lives, the Iran Cinema Museum might be a good starting point to discover the local culture of Iran.
The video shows a glimpse of the museum. However, the footages were filmed by an old version GroPro, so they are not in perfect conditions, sorry for that!

China series: Explore Inner Mongolia – The boundary and the grassland

Last summer, I went to Inner Mongolia in China. It is a place with lots of grasslands and the livestock industry there is thriving. Nomadic population still exists and the government tries to encourage more youngsters to join the Nomadic lifestyle with some beneficial policies. One of the highlights in the place is the Sino-Mongolian cross-border. Over the bridge (there is a huge green fence with words saying “keep away” at the entrance of the bridge), you can see the lands of Mongolia, the only landlocked country in East Asia.

The Sino-Mongolian cross-border tourism based on the Arxan-Songbeir Port was set up in September 2014. The launch of the tourism development there was regarded as a celebration of the diplomatic relation established between China and Mongolia.

Visitors love to take pictures under the gateway of China in the Arxan Port. The enormous gate showcasing the words “People’s Republic of China” in sharp red. With a national emblem on top, the gate looks preeminent in the vast expanse of grasslands.

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The Invasion of Waste in Hong Kong’s Countryside

Although Hong Kong is a world’s leading business platform, around 40 percent of its land is dedicated to country parks and nature reserves.
In order to protect the natural areas, in 2015, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD) started the “Take Your Litter Home” campaign to reduce countryside’s waste and promote environmentally responsible habits. By the end of 2017, all the rubbish bins were removed from Hong Kong country parks. But still, an incredibly huge amount of waste is being dumped in the natural areas.
Does a piece of litter really matter? And what we can do more?

China series: Explore Inner Mongolia – The Palace of the Princess

Last summer, I went to Inner Mongolia for a famous historical spots there, the palace of the Empress Xiaozhuangwen.  Empress Xiaozhuangwen was the second ruler of the ManchuQing dynastry as the mother of the Shunzhi Emperor and the grandmother of the Kangxi Emperor. The total area of the Palace is about 666.67 hectares. Quite a small one if we compare with the Beijing Forbidden City! But still, its a worth to go attractions with all the detailed and exquisite Chinese style architecture.

Travel in Iran: Kebab with bread

This winter, I travelled to Iran 😀

One of the most common traditional dishes there is Kebab. The word “Kebab” refers to various cooked meat dishes, including grilled chicken, beef or even fried fish. Usually, Kebab is served with bread, rice with butter and yogurt.

While in this video, next to the grilled meat, is a very special type (As perceived as the national bread of Iran) of bread called “Sangak”. The set of regular spot pattern is a distinguish mark of Sangak. Some of the locals said the pattern is created by the oven with bumpiness surfaces.

An Indian Girl Living in Hong Kong I

I am recently working on a social inclusion project. In this project, my friends and I want to raise the public awareness of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. As an well-known international cities, we think that we should be more open-minded and build a deeper mutual understanding with people in different nationalities.

Lately in November, I interviewed Chandni, an Indian girl living in Hong Kong. She shares her thought about Hong Kong and India in this video. Stay tuned for the next video and the story of Chandni 🙂